DJ Tam-R // Official Ryan Leslie Tour DJ

DJ Tam-R // Official Ryan Leslie Tour DJ

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No matter what: Club-, Concerthall, True-Headz, Mainstream, Warm-Up or After-Show-Party. Wherever he´s on stage DJ Tam-R always calls out the „State of Emergency“. His excellent choice of music and his extraordinary talent to adjust to the present audience quickly made DJ Tam-R well known during the last decade. Using his acquired experience and know-how nowadays the entertainer catches up to all expectations. Applying scratching, beat-juggling, even more by well-directed usage of the microphone and exclusive samples he turns his live-shows almost into concert happenings.

As part of the “Out 4 Fame DJ Team“, Tam-R regularly rocks the Bloom Club in the local area of Wuppertal the same way he is touring festivals and huge concert halls in Germany, Europe and worldwide working with high-class artists such as Busta Rhymes, Sean Paul or Boyz II Men. Just in 2012 he underlined his remarkable skills as Ryan Leslie´s official Tour DJ and is now seeking for new challenges.


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